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Alzheimer's Association Graphic

Alzheimer’s Association Graphic

As 4,000 of the leading Alzheimer’s researchers from 65 countries continue to collaborate in Washington this week, we’re so hungry for hopeful news. One topic getting a lot of attention is the apparent gender inequality where Alzheimer’s is concerned.

We know that women comprise two-thirds of American living with Alzheimer’s, but why is that? In the past, the statistic that has been largely attributed to the fact that women outlive their male counterparts.

Gender Differences

Growing evidence suggests there may be more to the story. Several gender-related studies are being discussed at the AAIC this week, and the findings are interesting. Consider this:

  • Women with MCI (mild cognitive impairment) decline at a rate almost twice that of men.
  • When PET scans were used to check amyloid levels in 1,000 subjects, an obvious disparity was identified. It seems women’s brains tend to contain more amyloid than the brains of men, which would seem to put them at higher risk for Alzheimer’s.
  • Women who undergo surgery with general anesthesia experience more cognitive issues than men.

The question remains, why? Why are the incidences of Alzheimer’s in women so much greater than in men? That mystery, we hope, will be solved sooner than later.

News, News, and More News

As expected, there is an abundance of news coming out of this week’s conference. If you’re interested in reading more, the Alzheimer’s Association has published the following list of articles from various sources. You can also find a list of press releases on the AAIC page.

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