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Photo Credit: The Garner Foundation

I know we can all agree there is plenty in life that’s unfair, but at the moment one specific example is on my heart.

Not that long ago, Karen & Jim Garner and their children were just like any other family. However, all of that changed when Jim was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease at age 48. Jim had a long successful career in the Air Force, and pictures from just a few years ago show a strong, handsome, athletic husband and father of two young children.

This weekend, Karen added a new post to her blog, Missing Jim. If you follow the blog you know that Karen writes with a raw, pull-no-punches honesty. I have such respect for this woman’s courage and grace. The blog is a story of true love, unexpected moments of joy, the kind of loneliness only this disease can exert on a wife, and a sense of loss that defies all logic.

In February, Jim began receiving hospice care. His decline has been swift. As I read Karen’s latest post, it reminded me of my own internal struggle in those last days with Mom. On one hand, wanting to let her go to a peaceful place where she would be whole again, yet on the other hand wanting so badly to hang on to her forever. I can’t imagine being a 46-year-old woman facing that clash of emotions as she watches her husband near the end at the hand of this horrid disease.

Please read and share Karen’s March 27th post titled, I Got That Dreaded Call. Keep this family in your prayers, and share their story. Help Karen educate the masses.

“I want people to see what Alzheimer’s Disease does to a wonderful human being. I want to break the misconception that Alzheimer’s Disease is just old people forgetting someone’s name or getting lost. I want to erase the stereotypical patient idea.”  ~Karen Garner