Three little words that mean so very much. Mom was mostly peaceful today. She wanted to walk quite a bit early this afternoon, so we walked, but she was clearly exhausted and could barely hold her eyes open. She had a piece of toast, two Ensures, ice cream, and some grapes. Once she finally settled down in her favorite chair, she was full of kisses and a very clear “I love you.” Amazing how that phrase becomes more and more precious with every day. I’m not sure how many more times I’ll hear it, but I’ll treasure each one.

I’m glad this day is over. We met with Bonnie, an absolutely wonderful, compassionate, genuine nurse from OhioHealth’s HomeReach Hospice. The way she approached my mom was night and day from the way the nurse from Heartland came at her. In fact, she was able to take her blood pressure, pulse, listen to her lungs and heart all without Mom making a peep.

So, the admission process is complete and the team assigned to my mom will be out on Monday. I feel as good as possible in a sh*tty situation. I am 100% confident in the decision to bring hospice on board at this time, and I think HomeReach is the right choice. Bonnie called me back a few hours after our meeting to update me on her discussion with Dr. Mestemaker, and I feel like we have a plan in place. Should things get worse, we can call at any time over the weekend and they will send someone out. Kobacker House – on a temporary basis until meds are worked out – is also an option, but I have made it clear that I will only consider that if we have no other alternative. I want her to stay put where she is comfortable and surrounded by people who know and love her.

It was an emotional day… an emotional week, actually, and the first part of next week will likely be the same as we meet individually with members of our HomeReach team (social worker, chaplain, etc.). After that, I imagine we will fall into a routine of sorts, but we’ll know we have another layer of support anytime we need it.

Jess and I are both absolutely overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve received throughout this ordeal and particularly this week. Texts, emails, FB messages, and calls, all of which are more helpful than anyone can imagine. Just knowing people are praying for us and sending so many positive thoughts is helping to lift us up and give us strength when we need it the most. We truly can’t say thank you enough.

Our Eason House family continues to be incredible, and there are no words to describe the blessing they are. They’ve been there every step of the way, caring for my mom as if she was their own mother or grandmother, always there when we need them, and right alongside us with tears of their own. Such a rare and special group of people…


Tim sat with mom for awhile. We were shocked when he mentioned the little watusi dance they used to do and she actually started doing it in the chair!

Tim sat with mom for awhile. We were shocked when he mentioned the little watusi dance they used to do and she actually started doing it in the chair!

This is what pure unconditional love looks like...

This is what beautiful, pure unconditional love looks like…