Mom slept so peacefully all night. Her breathing is perfect – any time I woke up, she sounded the same. Nice breaths, spaced at normal intervals.

The PSA is giving her a bath right now and is talking to her quietly every step of the way… making sure she knows exactly what is happening next and is not scared. Whether she’s awake or asleep, they talk to her constantly…nurses explain everything they are doing and comfort her gently as they go… the staff here is just incredible. What a gift they have.

Doc was in earlier and said she has a strong pulse in the tiniest artery at the lowest point in her foot. He said the process could take longer since her organs are so strong and healthy.

This morning, when I told her I loved her, she opened her eyes so very, very slightly, and a tiny tear came out. Could have been a fluke, will never know.  A few minutes later, she blinked her eyes – just once, but I’d like to think that was a sign. It was incredible that even during that apnea, when I talked to her, her breathing would immediately quicken. The nurse said that was her way of telling me she is here and everything is okay.

One minute at a time…