April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring… Mother’s Day.

Did stores always have so many Mother’s Day displays or am I just noticing it now because my own mother isn’t here? I feel as though every time I turn my head, I’m faced with a sea of pink and lavender. Cards embellished with pretty flowers and sweet sentiments; signs luring shoppers with promises of “the perfect Mother’s Day gift” or the best way to “show Mom how much you love her!”

More than once over the past week, I’ve come upon a display of Mother’s Day cards, and unconsciously thought, “Oh, I need to get Mom a card.” It only lasts for a fraction of a second before I realize I don’t have a reason to buy a card, and it’s followed by the same empty feeling each time.

Mother’s Day 2011

Earlier tonight, I was reading something I wrote on Mother’s Day 2010:

I think mom really read and understood her card – I made sure to get one with a sweet, yet very simple, message. When she finished she looked at me and said, “Awwwww, that’s so nice.” It was, as they say, “a moment of joy.”

Boy, what I wouldn’t give to relive that moment again…